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PetraMax Mulch Glue Max HD101 Sprayer Bundle

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This is the perfect landscape glue bundle. It comes with 1 gallon Max Mulch Glue, 1 Gallon pump sprayer for even distribution, and PVC gloves for protection


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The HD101 comes with a durable 14-inch wand, designed for convenience and reach.

Simply run half a tank of warm, soapy water through it after each use. This ensures your sprayer stays in top condition.

It can reach 10-15 feet, varying with pressure and nozzle type. Included is an adjustable nozzle for versatile jet-to-cone spraying, plus a fan tip nozzle for broader coverage.

Our Max Mulch Glue is a mulch & rock glue and gravel lock for landscape beautification that powerfully holds mulch, wood chips, shells, sand, pine straw, pebbles, stone, and gravel. Our mulch lock spray is a mega strong mulch adhesive that improves the organic layer's resistance to erosion and displacement caused by wind and rain. Keeps the mulch, stones, and pebbles in place!

Get Max Mulch Glue to hold for your black mulch, red rubber mulch, brown rubber mulch, or small landscape gravel rock. Our permanent mulch glue not only works on light and soft materials but also heavier varieties like gravel and pebbles (requires more glue application). When it comes to landscape glue that will hold just about any material, you won't find a stronger, longer lasting ground glue for your flower and landscaping beds.

Along with our effective mulch dye, our landscape rock glue and max mulch glue spay will give you the mega-strength hold you need. PetraTools mulch stabilize is a heavy-duty glue that will hold for up to 12 months. What's more, it dries fast once applied. Take your landscaping to the next level with this mega strong mulch glue spray.

This Max adhesive is every lawn and garden enthusiasts' go-to product for superior landscaping. With our Mega Mulch Glue spray, you'll keep mulch and bark in place, reduce erosion and dust, and reduce washout which means you can say goodbye to the contiunuous sweeping and clean up from loose mulch, gravel, stones, and so on. Our mulch glue spray saves you time and convenience while locking your landscape material in place for good.

Max Mulch Glue is designed to work on a wide range of materials, including small gravel and pebbles. It dries quickly and lasts for months, even in intense weather conditions. Additionally, it's easy to apply, and it helps create a neat and beautiful landscape.


This is the perfect landscape glue bundle. It comes with 1 gallon Max Mulch Glue, 1 Gallon pump sprayer for even distribution, and PVC gloves for protection.

This Bundle comes with


The PetraTools HD101 Pump sprayer


PetraMax Mulch Glue Max


PetraTools spray gloves


2 nozzles (a mulch-glue fan-flat nozzle and an adjustable mist nozzle)


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"Bringing the HD101 magic indoors! ✨ Spritzing life into every leaf with our trusty HD101 pump sprayer. Go get yours at or hit the link in our bio! Video credits: @gazinggreen #hd101twicethespray #petratools #indoorplants #indoorgarden #diy #gardeninghacks #gardeningforbeginners"


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"The HD101 sprayer is your ultimate gardening buddy! Designed not just for outdoor spraying but for indoors as well. Achieve maximum versatility and give your plants the care they deserve. Video credits: @greenplantdad Visit or hit the link on our bio! #hd101twicethespray #petratools #diy #indoor #indoorplants #gardeningforbeginners"



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David B.

Best Pump Sprayer Ever!

After throwing away two pump sprayers from Lowes and Home Depot, I read the reviews on this sprayer and was not sure it would live up to the 5 star reviews, but it is by far the best made sprayer I have ever owned. Quality thruout!

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Not just for mulch glue.

This sppears and operates just like most any other manual pump sprayer.
Comes with the gallon of mulch glue which I have not used yet. I will after the weather breaks and get the yard cleaned up. Also comes with a pair of gloves and two nozzles. The tank/pump are well made.

However, I have already sprayed some weed killer along the fence line and around the posts for the deck and porches. Works great.
The only downside? You have to pump the pressure up manually. I knew tha going in so - no big deal. It does work well.

I expect many years of good use from this and think it's a good deal. Glad I got it.


PetraTools HD101 1-Gallon Pump Sprayer
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PetraTools HD101 1-Gallon Pump Sprayer


PetraMax Mulch Glue Max
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PetraMax Mulch Glue Max



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