Jul 14, 2023

How Worm Tea Can Help Add Life Back into Your Soil

How Worm Tea Can Help Add Life Back into Your Soil

If you are still searching for a product that will help your plants grow healthy and strong, Worm Tea may be the answer. We hear a lot about worm castings and worm teas, which are often raved about for being great for microorganisms in the soil. But what exactly is worm tea, and what does it do?

What is Worm Tea?

Worm Tea will enrich the soil and improve the health and growth of your garden, indoor & outdoor plants, lawn, flowers, and vegetables. It contains beneficial microbes, nutrients, and micro-organisms that help your plants grow and add life back into your soil – which means your plants will be stronger and healthier.

Think of it as giving your plants a powerful liquid vitamin booster.

Worms create substances that act as growth hormones, cell regulators, and anti-aging compounds, which you can't find in a typical compost mix.

If compost mixes are not properly composted, they can sometimes contain human pathogens and E. coli.

The bad news is if you apply a source of questionable compost to your vegetable garden and eat your harvest without washing it, there's a chance that E. coli will remain present.

Worm Tea works around the downfalls of traditional compost to deliver the best nutrients possible to your plants in the safest way.


What Happens When Worm Tea Is Sprayed on Plants?

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When worm compost tea is mixed with water, the oxygen wakes up dormant microorganisms within. When applied to leaves and soil, the various bacterial microbes present within your worm compost tea perform a number of very important tasks.

With the application of Worm Tea, microorganisms release the nutrients from the organic matter back into the soil where plants can absorb it.


How Worm Tea Works in the Soil

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Microorganisms travel through the soil, digesting and absorbing carbon and various nutrients in the decomposing matter. Then, they release these nutrients back into the soil, which is taken up by plants.

As they are conducting all of these movements, they are tunneling small pores through the soil and leaving oxygenated pockets behind that help roots breathe.

The addition of Worm Tea essentially creates an ideal soil structure.

If you're stressed by the growing conditions of clay soil, PetraMaxWorm Tea is a great product to start breaking down that thick clay into a soil structure your plants will love.


Worm Tea for Pest and Pathogen Protection

Acting as a pest and pathogen defense for your plants, Worm Tea contains microorganisms that produce a digestive enzyme that break down excess skeletons of insects like mites and aphids.

Additionally, Worm Tea stimulates the growth of different kinds of protozoa that consume pathogens and fungi.

Think about this.

When applied as a foliar spray, it protects plants by coating the leaves and adding microbes to help protect against foliar fungi diseases and pathogens.

It also helps to eradicate mites, aphids, and other pest populations.

In fact, Worm Tea is excellent for early sprays on roses to prevent or control the spread of mildew.


How does it help with cellular growth?

A great example is the use of Worm Tea on lettuce.

Worm Tea will enable the lettuce leaves to grow like crazy with its natural fertilizers, and after harvest, the lettuce will store longer in the fridge because it now possesses a stronger leaf structure that retains more water.

The same applies to those beautiful blooms you're waiting for. More water retention in your plants means less drooping and wilting in the summer heat and longer bloom time for all of your flowers. You'll love how Worm Tea can help to reduce the use of pesticides.

Worm Tea offers a healthy and effective alternative to blasting your property with pesticides. Commercial solutions kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil and can contaminate the soil, water, turf, and other vegetation, making them dangerous for animals, insects, and other green growth. Essentially, commercial pesticides and other solutions may offer temporary improvement, but in the long run, they cause more harm than good.


Did You Know?

Did you know that about a quarter of all organisms reside in the top two centimeters of soil?

Organisms become inactive if there's not enough decomposing matter around them to thrive, so what can we do to help?

Applying worm castings for plants can aid in the process of doing all these and more.

Apply worm tea to seedlings up to two weeks before planting to increase the survival rate by helping the roots take up some great nutrients right before transplant.


How to Apply Compost Soil to Plants

To really amplify the benefits of worm tea, put down a layer of worm casting or compost before you spray your worm tea.

Since it acts as a foliar spray, you can expect more leaves, larger stems, and more nutrient delivery, which can be critical to plants that are under the shade or in part sun.

Spray the top and bottom of your leaves until they are dripping onto and into the soil for protection against various foliar and root pathogens.

PetraMax’saged castings are completely decomposed and will not attract ground pests.


Use Worm Tea to Improve Lawn’s Health

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Use the product on your lawn to help retain moisture and rich roots and aid in breaking down thatch.

Repeat applications to help rejuvenate the soil, sterile lawns that have been chemically treated, and add microbes to sterile soil.

Mix one to two teaspoons of worm tea per gallon of water and see the difference in your lawn in just a few applications.


Worm Casting Tea Benefits for Houseplants

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Worm tea is beneficial to houseplants also. Mix one to two teaspoons of the product per gallon of water to witness these benefits.

Again, this will act as an odor-free inoculant to the soil that helps keep it pathogen-free.

Liquid worm castings don't smell bad, either. They smell like fresh rain in the forest. If you notice that your worm tea has a foul odor, refrain from using it as it could be a sign that it has spoiled and is now full of bad pathogens.

One thing you'll love about Worm Tea is that it prevents root rot. Worm tea can greatly aid in keeping things under control with insects, root rot, and pathogens, especially if your property is full of houseplants.


PetraMax Worm Tea Delivers Amazing Benefits

This pesticide-free, non-toxic, USA-made formula is easy to apply. It comes in a liquid form that you can spray on your plants, or that you can add it directly to your watering can.

This fertilizer is ideal for vegetables and flowers, but it also works well on fruit trees and shrubs. The first thing you'll notice about this product is its fresh, earthy smell. That's because it contains worm castings—the waste produced by worms as they digest organic matter in their habitat and turn it into compost.

Our Worm Tea concentrated formula helps infuse and repopulate the soil with beneficial microbes that naturally prevent diseases and pest infestations.

Use a powerful sprayer like PetraTools HD4000 backpack sprayer to make your spraying task a breeze.


Why Choose PetraMax Worm Tea Fertilizer?

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If you're not already sold on using PetraMax Worm Tea in your garden, then maybe you should consider these facts:

It's good for the planet. Earthworm castings add microbial life to your soil. It will not destroy the water table, oceans, or environment.

It will also not burn leaves like other fertilizers can when used improperly. Organic worm castings will not burn plants even during the blooming season.

It provides essential elements and micronutrients with no damage.

PetraMax organic worm tea is unlike a lot of teas, with good bacteria that settle to the bottom and die.

Its formula is proven to suspend bacteria with technology developed from over 40 years of professional, commercial, and agricultural experience.

Available in 8 oz, 32 oz, and 1 gallon, this liquid gold is non-toxic, has no hormones and chemicals.

It’s also easy to apply. To store it, just keep it in a cool, dry place between 55- and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to keep it out of the reach of children and pets.


What’s Next?

After trying it out for yourself and witnessing the encouraging results of using worm tea, take the plunge and make worm tea an integral part of your gardening routine. And don't forget about those used coffee grounds—they're a great way to give your garden a nutrient boost without spending a cent.

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We hope you were able to benefit from this article on the highly-concentratedPetraMaxWorm Tea. Also, if you’re looking to upgrade your spraying tool, PetraTools offers a line of backpack sprayers You can check it out. For more information, visit PetraTools on the web or on social media.